Cardinal Skull

General / 24 May 2018

Needed a quick break from the normal...There is surprisingly little reference of a cardinal's skeletal structure on the internet.


General / 28 April 2018

I'm working on a #MLP Discord figurine for my son. He's really fun to translate to 3D. Here is a current state render. Still lots of anatomy to rough in before working the final sculpt. 

04/29/2018 WIP

06/07/2018 WIP

Finally got a small amount of time to pose and start adding some detail.

06/15/2018 WIP

I pulled a decimated mesh into 3dsMax and started playing with materials and lighting.  Here he is under some different HDRI lights.  I think I'll put a bit of age and marbling into the stone material and some of the details of the sculpt need to be exaggerated a bit more...Totally going to put bird poop on him :)


General / 24 February 2018

Here is progress of a 30"x22" ballpoint pen drawing of a toad.

Here is the photo I took.

WIP01 - I start by doing a very light pencil contour of key forms of the image and then the very long process of drawing it out.

Abigail Breslin Portrait

General / 19 February 2018

Here's a WIP sculpt of actress Abigail Breslin.  Constructive Criticisms are welcome.  

Brie Larson Likeness Progress

General / 15 February 2018

WIP01 of Brie Larson likeness. I think I got all the major landmarks. 

2018_03-06 Update - Pulled everything into 3dsMax to test how the surfacing was looking.  Simple setup with a V-Ray AlSurface material and one HDRI.  Everything needs refinement. 

2018_03-12 Update - Reworked the surfacing a bit and setup base polypaint.  Swapped out the HDRI.  

2018_10-01 Update - Reworked the skin detailing, polypaint and materials.  Added first pass on eyes and eyelashes.